EN: Intro to Nāda Yoga - Yoga of Sound Group Classes (Zoom)

Instructor: RishimaLanguage: English

What You Will Learn

The power of sound in the form of mantra, song, and music has been used as a tool for connection, healing and reaching higher states of consciousness since ancient times. In this course, I present an introduction to traditional Indian sound practices that can be incorporated in a personal yoga or meditation practice to bring balance and connection.

  • History and development of Sound: Om, Mantra, Sloka, Raga, Bhajan/Kirtan
  • Understand and use Raga
  • Basic Sanskrit pronunciation using transliteration
  • Power of mantra: 2-4 word mantras
  • Gayatri Mantra and other verses
  • Vocal exercises and Sargam (Indian notes) for singing
  • Bhajans in kirtan style with the stories Ganesha, Male and Female Trinities, Rama/Sita, Krishna/Radha
  • How to connect to the mantra and songs
  • Basic Indian rhythms
  • PDF document with exercises, lyrics, and translations

About the course

Criteria: No previous experience necessary

Commitment: 12 classes lasting 75 minutes. All classes will be live and recorded.

Dates: Thursdays January 5 - March 30 (excluding March 16) 2023

Time: 1:00 pm (PST Vancouver, Canada Time)



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