/EN: Ongoing Group Rāga Class (Live) - coming soon...
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EN: Ongoing Group Rāga Class (Live) - coming soon...

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At one point, there were over 4000 ragas and raginis but there are about 100 ragas and even fewer are sung. Ragas are often associated with various themes such as emotions, time of day or season, and deities. If sung in the correct manner and time, it is said to bring us closer to the frequencies of nature and the divine. 

I will introduce a new raga in each course so we may go deeper into the themes and integrate them within ourselves. 

This session:

  • Rāg Durga
  • Structure - Thāt, Aroha, Avorha, Vādi, Samvadi, Stayi, Antara, Alāp, Tāns, Tāl 
  • Compositions 

Criteria: This is a beginner-level course, however, “Introduction to North Indian Singing” or having background knowledge of Sargam and alankār would be helpful.


Commitment: 12 classes lasting 1 hour. All classes are recorded.

Dates: TBC

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Zoom Link - Ongoing Raga Class

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