EN: Intro to Dhrupad (group classes)

Instructor: RishimaLanguage: English

Dhrupad is the oldest form of classical music in North India.

It is said to have originated in the Sama Veda, the book on the “Knowledge of Melody.” I have been studying with Manish Kumar, of the Bihar Brothers duo, in the Dagarvani lineage. Dhurpad is a profound and grounding, designed as a spiritual practice.

I will be teaching an introduction to Dhrupad to start your journey. As Dhrupad takes many years to master, this course does not give permission to teach Dhrupad, but rather is meant to aid your own personal practice.

There are 12 classes of 1 hour each. 

You will learn:

  1. Brief History of Dhrupad
  2. Dhrupad Exercises - Merukhand, Alankar, Kharaj, vocal techniques
  3. A composition in Raga Yaman with introduction to alaap, Jhor, and Jhala
  4. Option to participate in a master class with my teacher at the end of the course. Date to be confirmed.

About the course

Criteria: No previous experience necessary

Commitment: 12 classes (includes 1 master class) lasting 1 hour. All classes are recorded.

Dates: TBC

Payment plans are available.



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