EN: Creating Divine Connection (Coming Soon...)

Instructor: RishimaLanguage: English

Experience bhakti (divine love) through traditional stories of Hindu deities and songs (bhajan/ kirtan).

Two of the best ways to experience bhakti (divine connection and love) is through listening to stories (śravanam) and singing (kirtanam). Join me I will relate a story of one of the hindu deities each day, to make a connection to the divine. Then, I will teach and sing a song (bhajan / kirtan) that relates to the deity.

Day 1: What is bhajan and kirtan? 
Day 2: Brahma
Day 3: Vishnu
Day 4: Rama
Day 5: Hanuman
Day 6: Krishna (baby)
Day 7: Krishna (adult)
Day 8: Shiva
Day 9: Goddesses - Tridevi
Day 10: Parvati/ Durga/ Kali

About the course

Coming soon...

Criteria: No Experience necessary 
Lenght: 10 days audio workshop / 10 min each
Price: $19.99


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